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Instant Mobile API

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INSTANT Mobile Web Services API v5.0


Syntax: https://vsfy.com/?[function]&[key=values]

Visyfy Basics

Visyfy UI

View Model:

  • User Model
  • Tribe Model (current context)
  • Post Model (current post within context)
  • Search Model (Current list of posts, or  within context)


  1. Hides all Covers
  2. Clears Tribe context and Post View Models (User View Model is preserved)
  3. Builds specified State


  1. Swipe or Masonry blocks


  1. Hides all other Covers
  2. If vcontext specified, load Tribe, otherwise, preserve current View Model
  3. If vpostid specified, load Post, otherwise, preserve current View Model
  4. Builds specified Cover


  1. Hides all other Modals
  2. Builds specified Modal


  • Poll for change in “Region” (major location)
  • Poll for network connectivity, if so, flush queue

Visyfy 6.0

The New Version 6.0 expands on the MVC+MVC mobile and offline architecture focusing on being the premiere mobile computing platform combining:

  1. Extremely fast to deployment… DevOps Ready!
  2. Parallel Beta / Test / Dev migration with or without data stores
  3. Templating subsystem with containerization
  4. Dramatically simplified testibility and module/sub-module dev delegation
  5. Built-in photo editor / upload, swipe, masonry
  6. Built-in post-media CDN via CloudFront
  7. SMS / text messaging sub-system via Twilio
  8. A much, much more


  • React much faster to the market: DevOps means as your LoB or product design teams dream it up, development teams can be building or tweaking it in real time (not just comps or demos).
  • Deploy Faster: One of the fastest paths to go from concept to App Stores (days, or even just hours)
  • Reduce Dev Costs: Dramatically lower cost to deployment
  • Reduce Licensing Costs: Reductions in costs scaling to the enterprise-level (flat monthly Enterprise fees vs per-seat licenses)
  • Reduced Ops/Maint Costs: Significantly easier to test means less down-time, more update cycles, lower development costs, and lower maintenance costs


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Mobile apps built on the Visyfy Platform

Visyfy Function Library v5.0

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